The New

I talked about earlier. I had earlier used gallery2 for my photography. If you want to host your own and use an existing package, it’s actually one of the best. When I started working with, I discovered they have a lot of facilities, like a slide show object, and sharing and feed support, so I decided to use those to build a front page system to front my smugmug gallery. Using their flash objects, 1 php file, a couple of flash text images, courtesy dreamweaver, and I built a cool starting point in an afternoon.

Photography Portfolio Sites

I have been trying to get more visibility for my photography. Yes, is good, but for serious photographers it has limitations. Another one I tried was They have an interesting system, and it’s decent, though some features for a more professional setup was lacking, but I still think it’s a good system. I finally found one that I really like My photography is at